Welcome to the Billericay Chess Club Website.

Billericay Chess Club is a small thriving club, which currently has around 14 active members, who range in strength from beginner level up to county standard.

The club currently fields four teams across two chess leagues. This includes three teams ('A', 'B' and 'C') in the North Essex League and a further team in the Southend & District League. The Club competes in the highest division of both Leagues, with the Club's 'A' team being placed in the top flight of the North Essex Chess League.

In addition to league chess, the club also organises a number of internal competitions as well as offering the opportunity to play informal games on a regular basis.

The club meets on Wednesday evenings, from 7.30pm, in the Community Room at Anisha Grange, on Outwood Common Road and caters for players of all standards.

Whether you are an existing Club Member, an experienced chess player or someone new to the game, we hope that you will something of interest, within the pages of this website.


The Week Ahead...

This Wednesday (28th Sept), Billericay open their 2016/17 League campaign. The club's 'B' and 'C' teams are both playing in Division 3 of the North Essex League, this year, and so their opening fixture is against each other, in an all-Billericay affair.


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League News

chessimage In Division 3 of the North Essex League, Clacton 'C' got off to a good start by earning a 2-2 draw against their own 'B' team. Paul McCarthy and Nigel Lake both scored wins against higher rated opposition to level the match for Clacton 'C'.

As well as Billericay 'B' v 'C', Divison 3 fixtures also include the Chelmsford 'C' v 'D' match, next Thursday, 22nd Sept.

League rules stipulate that matches between teams from the same club must be played first, before matches against other clubs.