Billericay Virtual Chess Club

Coronavirus may have forced a number of activities to be put on hold, recently, but playing chess needn't be one of them. Despite the current lockdown, Billericay Chess Club is managing to retain an interactive experience for it's members The club hosts virtual club nights via it's LiChess and Discord internet portals. Here, members and (and guests) are able to chat through club portals, whilst playing or analyzing chess games. The private analysis areas can even allow multiple players to make moves on the board and the club is able to use these features for shared analysis and one-to-one coaching.

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LiChess (pronounced Lee-Chess), is a free/libre, open-source chess server powered by volunteers and donations. It began life in 2010, when Thibault Duplessis started work on Lichess as a hobby project. Subsequently, he made the site 'open source', which means that anyone is free to read the source code and offer contributions to improve the site. Today, Lichess is one of the most popular chess websites in the world.

LiChess has a nice clean interface and offers great functionality, and is therefore the club's preferred Chess Server. It allows games between it's members and matches can be arranged against other clubs. The 'Study' areas also offer a great way to share ideas and analysis. The "Billericay Virtual Chess Club" is a registered Community team on LiChess. Although, It is an 'invitational only' space, the club will readily accepts joining requests from any genuine local guests who may wish to join us. A number of club members are also happy to offer coaching and analysis of games etc

  • To Join us at the Billericay Virtual Chess Club on LiChess, please click Here
  • The Club administrator can then accept the Request to join
    (Note: You need to register with Lichess – no personal details are needed).
  • If you are looking to join as a guest, please also consider emailing us at so that we more easily able to determine genuine joining requests.
  • To add voice communication, users will also need to log in to our Discord portal. For further details, please click on the Discord tab, above.


Discord is a comunication application, similar to programs such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. It supports video calls, voice chat, and text, allowing users to get in touch however they please. The app was originally geared towards pc gamers and is therefore very suited to online chess. On Discord, groups can join public or private “servers,” and can chat via text, voice or video.

Billericay has a private channel on the Discord server, for it's members and guests. The video option isn't generally used as focus on the chess board is the main priority. However, the voice chanel is a very useful feature that enables general chess discussion and analysis. A joining request is needed connect to BillericayChess and the channel is strictly monitored.

  • To login to our Discord portal, please click Here
  • If you do not already have a Discord account, you will be first prompted to register for one. (This is a simple process but you will need to send a confirmation email back to Discord, to fully activate your account). Club members and the Discord users who have a Billericay LiChess membership are normally enrolled immediately. For non-members, our 'Admin', on Discord, will need to sign you in.
  • If this all sounds confusing, please remember that the Discord/LiChess set-up is nowhere near as difficult as it may appear. However, there are always club members on hand to help with any set-up problems.
  • Finally, please email if you have any further issues or enquiries.

Please the calendar notificaction for the date and time of the next Billericay LiveStream broadcast

External Events recommended by Billericay Chess Club Members include :-

Chess England ONLINE!

Play - Watch - Learn - on and

THURSDAYS - 9-ROUND SWISS 10-minute Blitz - 7.30pm to a finish. On - 10 minutes per player please join the Chess England club and then (see +HOW TO JOIN IN ON CHESS.COM) you will be able to register for the tournament 1 hour before the start time! Join our club here -

Chess England KidsWEDNESDAYS - By popular demand!  4pm to 5.30pm - Chess England Kids, 10 minutes per player per game - Improvers tournaments - for practice and improving your chess! +CHESS ENGLAND KIDS 

Chess England Kids

SUNDAYS - By popular demand!  3pm to 4.30pm - Chess England Kids, 10 minutes per player per game, no entry fee. Go to the club page to register. - For practice and improving your chess! +CHESS ENGLAND KIDS